Nov. 23rd (Thu) Thanksgiving Day 2017
Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday of November and the following day is Black Friday in the US. On Thanksgiving day, people get together with their families and close friends to enjoy Thanksgiving parties at home. Anna Miller's homemade pies will add some love and excitement to your home party.

 [Various Oven Finished Pies / 1 Whole]
 Dutch Apple Pie  ¥3,430
 Pumpkin Pie  ¥3,340
 Cherry Pie  ¥3,430
 Apple Pie  ¥3,430
 Pecan Pie  ¥3,340
 * All prices are tax excluded.

Offering Dutch Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie and Cherry Pie in small sizes, which serve 2 to 3 persons (¥1,200〜). Whip cream topping for each pie and Cheesecake is also available.


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